When viewing and ordering your children’s photos, It is advised to use a desktop or laptop computer.

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Using a mobile device please read the following

If you must use a mobile device please ensure you have a “Wifi” connection as well as your 3G or 4G enabled. It can take a short time to open all images in the gallery on your phone. Having a WiFi connection will help.
Once you are logged in and on the gallery page. You can scroll up and down to find your child’s photos. To choose an individual photo that you wish to view and order, just click (touch) on it, with your finger and a screen will open with that image complete  with a “buy” button at the top.

If you can only see a portion of your  child’s image or the “Buy” button is not visible, you will need to “shrink” the screen, by touching it with two fingers slightly separated. Then while keeping your fingers on the screen, move (drag) them closer to each other until it is not possible to shrink the screen (page) any further.

Important …To then scroll up or down the (screen)page place your finger at the very edge of your mobile device,there should be a small border of white space around the image, make sure your finger is at least partially on the white space, then you will be able to scroll up and down the screen (page). If you place your finger wholly on the image to scroll up and down it may not scroll. You must be at least partially touching the white space at the edge of the image.

Once you are viewing an individual photo you can swipe across the screen to view the next or previous photos


This page is for viewing galleries only. If you are  looking for further information on preschool photography services click here