Creative Clips has been in the business of photographing preschool children and babies for more than 20 sample_018years. It grew out of the demand of having the children photographed in a natural and relaxed way and not “school like”.

To view some samples of Greg’s preschool photography click here
These samples are password protected, so be sure to contact Greg for password
access if you wish to view.

The decision to continue to photograph in preschools over an extended period, has been a rewarding one. The ongoing loyalty from existing customers, in what can be regarded as a very specialized area, is a testament to the professional edge Greg has over many new comers, who are now copying his style.

His ability to work unobtrusively within the preschool program, the ease with which he fits into the day’s program and the skill to easily bring out the natural personality, even of the quieter children is reflected in the results with very happy children, parents and staff.

Photographing the children outdoors in natural light and informal surroundings means a relaxed and easy going day for the children and staff. The routine of the centre is not effected by the photography and as a result the children relax in front of the camera.

Creative Clips Photography likes to give the parents a selection of photos to choose their favourites instead of us making the decision for them. After all, no one knows a child’s smile better than their mum and dad.

There are no prepaid packages. Experience over many years has shown us that parents love to pick and create their own package based on their needs and budget.sample_022

All viewing and ordering is done online, on our secure  protected website, meaning staff are not tied up answering questions on “how and what to order” and they are not required to collect orders or handle money.

Greg offers one package for the budget conscious priced at $30 consisting of one 13 x 18cm and four 10 x 15cm prints. This pack is made up from their most favourite image from their child’s session. As an alternative which we find most parents choose, is to create their own pack consisting of any sizes and quantities depending on each parents individual needs.

20 x 30 cm prints are $18 each; 13 x 18cm prints are $14 each; 10 x 15 cm prints are $8 each;
The class group print is 15 x 20 cm at $15 each and can be customised with children’s first names on request.

Unlike some of the bigger companies, your centre will be dealing with Greg directly, being the photographer and owner of the business. Having photographed more than 1000 children every year for the last 20 years, you can be assured that he has the patience and experience to bring out the best smiles of your children.

To view some samples of Greg’s preschool photography click here
These samples are password protected, so be sure to contact Greg for password access if you wish to view.

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